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Can anyone tell me where I can get free cute templates for wordpress or help me out?

On a side note i've been a busy bee with amelia, visiting family and arty crafty stuff.
Today for example we(Lewis and myself) awoke to the sound of lots of giggles and legs kicking. Clearly aj was enjoying herself. Something was amusing her.

As you can see I've been deco'ing lots of cases for phones, ipods n such. I've had loads of compliments and so I thought i would make more. However untill i get my website up my main outlet is my blog and any sites im on. If intersted or want to talk note me =]

and on that note i hear crying..toodles!
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I finally gave birth 6 days overdue and boy is she worth it. Lewis and I are both extremely happy and shes our lil pud just in time for christmas. She was born on 8/12/09 at 8.15am weighing 7lbs 15! Shes lost 7ozs when weighed today but midwife said that was natural. In all shes a very content baby and Im glad i went into the labour knowing the least. Lewis said it shocked him how much women go through and how bad he felt having done his "5 mins" yet he couldn't take away any of my pain. He was extreamly supportive and in all its over with now. yay :D

All photos have been uploaded to my flickr account…
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Its 8pm and i've been awake since 3am with contractions. Shes on her way ...finally!
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Oh my god its been a while since i've used this. According to DA stats I've had this account for 4 years!?! Im now 22, overdue by 4 days on the expectant arrival of our daughter, Amelia and not such an angry teenager anymore! Its amazing how much people change. I've gone from hardcore lil angry rocker to calm and chilled mum and gf to an amazing guy...Bah part of me will always have my old ways though ;)

So anyway I'm back and I've had a clean up around here. Im determind to make use of this account. It appears much as changed. I have some investigating to do and questions that need answering such as How does one decorate their blog?

Toodles x
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